I am a qualified and experienced TouchPro chair masseur. Clients find that I have “good hands, friendly attitude and positive energy”. They leave the massage chair totally relaxed. Making people feel good and relaxed, gives me great satisfaction in my job.


Prevent sickness absence

Employers lose € 2,000 per employee per year due to sick leave.

Good health for everyone

By guaranteeing the physical and mental health of employees, the percentage of absence will decrease.

20 minutes for yourself!

Research shows that chair massages help reduce absenteeism.

3 massages per hour (2 hours minimum)

I would be up to visit you and massage your employees for some hours on my ergonomic massage chair.

Not only it improves the health of the employees but it also increases their productivity and creativity. In addition, they feel more appreciated and that their working atmosphere is improved.


Chair Massage

Chair massage is one of the most practical and accessible ways to get started with the body. It is suitable for everyone, everywhere and at any time. The TouchPro chair massage is given according to Japanese tradition whereby a series of acupressure points is touched.


The massage focuses on the most important areas of tension, in particular the upper body: back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands and hips. It is carried out on a comfortable portable ergonomically designed chair. Clothing can be kept on during the massage. Massage oil is not used. After the 15-minute massage, employees feel relaxed and charged to go back to work!


The massage is aimed to relieve stress and prevent RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) and other work-related complaints. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the body's natural immune system, activates many different body functions and reduces any blockages that may give rise to complaints.


Chair Massage (20 min)

€ 20,-

for companies, festivities, clubs

A massage lasts 20 minutes, including a 5-minute screening for any injuries / tensions.

For locations outside of Amsterdam a surcharge applies for public transport, in mutual consultation.


Discounts can be granted for a trial period and for when multiple fixed days are booked per month. A minimum of 6 massages must be booked each time (2 hours). Price is exclusive of VAT (21%)

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